Dual & Threefold Modules


Dual & Threefold Modules

Need a kitchen with more space? Consider one of our dual modules for that little bit extra, for a replacement during kitchen renovations, or for when you have high volume events.

While our custom kitchens are fully equipped with everything you need in a commercial kitchen, there are times when extra bench space, storage or cold storage can help you move through more meals faster. This is where joining your kitchen to another kitchen, scullery unit, prep room, coolroom or one of our combined units will meet all your needs.

Our dual modules can be created in a straight or L-shape configuration depending on your requirements. You can even add a joining hub for easier access between the two.

We can provide all the equipment you need, and we can help with services and planning. Talk to us about:

  • large scale commercial layouts
  • mess halls
  • plating units
  • combination configurations