Our process

An end-to-end service


We’ll discuss the unique operational requirements for your business and develop a concept based on your menu, production capacity, and type of service you will provide. We’ll also talk to you about the best way of combining units, and attaching units to existing kitchens and infrastructure.

Having a complete understanding is critical to your kitchen’s success, which is why we’ll visit your site to replicate an existing kitchen, or customise a new kitchen for pop-up events to match the look and feel of the surrounds.


Once your concept has been finalized, we’ll provide you with a CAD drawing. This helps by making it easier to integrate the plan with architectural drawings and design consultants. It also helps with approvals, and applications with local council and building requirements.

Every site is different and has its own set of challenges, including access, location, service availability, council regulations or extreme weather conditions. In planning your project, we can advise and discuss how to overcome whatever challenges you may face.

We’ll also look at feasibility and highlight potential issues, so you can rest easy in the knowledge that your project will meet all council and food safe requirements. Our experienced sales and operations teams will provide you with all the documentation needed to secure your project.


As part of our kitchen hire, we offer full delivery and installation through trusted contractors supervised by our experienced operations team across Australia. We’re proud to take customer service and ease of implementation to the highest level offered in the industry.

This includes, rail, road, crane logistics and even air contractors. We can install and commission the jobs on site by offering the following:

  • Linking units to existing buildings
  • Building ramps and steps
  • Installing specific fire and security services and provisions
  • Connections to electrical and mechanical services on site


Commissioning is undertaken by our experienced staff and trusted contractors. Each item of equipment is tested before leaving the warehouse, then tested and commissioned again on site before being handed over to ensure that everything is safe and in complete working order.

Once all equipment is tested and commissioned, our friendly operation staff induct the main contact on site on how to use the equipment and services available within the unit. Hard copies of guides are also available in all kitchen units as a quick reference guide.


At the conclusion of a project, at Kitchens On The Run we take responsibility for decommissioning. This is factored into our quoting stage so there are no surprises. Our representatives will attend your site to decommission and supervise our contractors.

When our units return back to the warehouse, all equipment undergoes a rigorous cleaning and maintenance program before being put to use for the next hire.

Service, Maintenance & Technical Support

Our hire costs include all labour, servicing costs (excluding any malicious or intentional damage) and parts. Our team is equipped with all the tools and resources to respond to any problem in a timely matter.

For most hires, a stock of spare parts is also kept at site. This helps with rapid responses and repair by our operational representatives and contractors. If there is a piece of equipment that can’t be fixed, it will be replaced at no additional expense.

We also understand that when it comes to cooking, flexibility is key. That’s why if your menu or requirements change, we can make arrangements to have pieces of equipment installed, replaced or removed as needed.


To talk about your next kitchen, and how Kitchens On the Run can help, we’re always open to a conversation. We’ll show you how our modular kitchens can combine to suit any environment, and how our end-to-end processes ensure your experience is seamless.