Pop-Ups & Events

Fast, flexible and ready to go with hours of delivery, our container kitchens are found at popular events and festivals everywhere.

Forget the hassles of marquee kitchens, vermin, flooring, electrical leads and gas connections. Kitchens On The Run units can take the stress out of your next function with a self-contained cooking solution.

Ready-built container kitchens can be delivered to any site in Australia and are ready to go within hours of delivery. All of our kitchen configurations are fully customisable, and we can swap standard equipment for preferred items as needed. We can also supply multiple kitchens and the walkways between them.

At Kitchens On The Run, we strive to evolve our kitchens with each generation. As we practise iterative design, we continue to reflect the needs of this rapidly evolving industry with innovative and reliable design solutions.

Our units regularly appear across the events calendar, including: