As a supplier to Australia’s defence sector, we design, engineer and manufacture purpose-built kitchens which meet ADF standards.

Our team works in close consultation to create customised designs and ensure the best possible results. In particular, our recent mess hall structures have proved very popular in these environments.

We have the experience and the equipment ready to handle the toughest of catering assignments. Few jobs come with greater catering pressures than the galleys of naval ships, far remote field camps, or large defence bases, but we’re proud to have met them all.

Today, Kitchens On The Run is recognised as the most reliable manufacturer and supplier of portable kitchens. The ADF chooses to use our units on small, remote site locations during training operations, in overseas deployments, and during base renovations and rebuilding. That’s because they can trust us to deliver on service and reliability without fail.

Our team of engineers is available to draw up any solution. All transportable catering units are easily set up and commissioned, and include an inventory of top-brand cooking equipment that can be customised to suit your staff.

Kitchens, chillers, stores, preparation, dishwashing and dining – we can provide the full set-up with around-the-clock service. Our units have experienced extreme heat and cold in remote field camps, and we know what Australia’s red dust can do to equipment. In every situation, Kitchens On The Run can be relied upon to deliver.

Our defence clients include: