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Mining & Infrastructure Clients

  • Rio Tinto
  • ALCOA Aluminium
  • BHP Billiton
  • Salva Resources
  • Glencore
  • Grange Resources

Tough kitchens, well-built and sturdy for tough places

KOR container kitchens are designed for Australia’s extreme environments. We build our portable kitchens strong enough to handle robust use and the rigors of long distance haulage. We understand the importance of minimising the impact of dust and sand entering the kitchens, particularly in harsh mining environments. Our units are easily serviced, and we have spare parts ready to be sent with kitchens travelling to remote regions.

On the inside, comfort, ergonomics, and safety are our priorities. Air-conditioning keeps the catering staff cool, and our “pop-out” bays double the usable floor space giving them the width that they need. Our cooking equipment comprises of industry leading brands for the best reliability in remote locations. All kitchen equipment layouts can be set by the hirer.

Our kitchens are designed for open servery sales and, with the use of hot and cold displays provided by KOR, the hirer is ready to serve any type of menu.


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